CrossWords for Grief

A Christian devotional for those going through grief - whether it be the death of a loved one or the emotional pain from unexpected circumstances. 

Find God's truths for encouragement and hope.


After working with grieving people for many years, I wanted to write something that took them to what the Bible had to say about grief. I knew that God has answers for His people. A bereaved person can turn to the emotion they are dealing with and find hope and direction.



Sharon is a pastor's wife, speaker, and Aftercare Director at a large family-owned funeral home. Having served in these ministry capacities for close to forty years, she helps grieving families by offering grief support education and weekly support groups. With gifts in encouragement and teaching, she has spoken at retreats and seminars. She also has taught biblical leadership principles through PLI International. She and her husband (Mark) have three children and five grandchildren. They live in Omaha, Nebraska.



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"Her book is a powerful help in life's greatest time of turmoil, the death of a loved one. This book helps in any emotional stage, using love, care, wisdom and grace."

"Recently I was given a copy of CrossWords for Grief. After reading Sharon Zehnder's Christ-centered, Spirit-led and gospel-based insights in this book, I ordered enough copies to provide those in my church this amazing resource. CrossWords for Grief is by far the best tool I'm aware of to place into the hands of anyone who is grieving in order to help them to better understand what they are experiencing and to help them to grieve with hope. The message of the gospel is biblically and clearly communicated to anyone who needs to receive the comfort that comes only through the saving work of Jesus Christ!"

-Rev. Greg Griffith - Omaha, NE

-Rev. Mark Carlson, Kettering, OH

Grief has to have time to be processed. You have to feel through it to heal. As you are real, you feel, and you will heal.

"If you know Sharon, you have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. She is sensitive, and kind. Her unique experiences with her own grief and the grief of others, have created in her a heart and an understanding for the grieving process. Her knowledge of the Bible is so evident in this book. It is outstanding! It is unlike any other resource I have seen for someone experiencing grief, because each chapter is a standalone chapter. What I mean by that, is that as a person is struggling with the emotions of grief, they can turn to the chapter that is most appropriate for that stage of the grief... anger, pain, guilt, abandonment, regret and 25 others. As a professional Christian counselor, I found this to be an outstanding tool for my patients' healing. As a woman who has lost a son, father, brother, grandparents and dear friends, I personally felt the comfort of Jesus in CrossWords for Grief. I highly recommend this book!"

-Debbie Lavitt, LMPH, PhD - Syracuse, NE

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